I have been dealing with stink bugs for several years. If you had asked me six years ago, "What's a stink bug?" I'd have had to tell you, I didn't know exactly. I remember reading about Little Tree sharing a stink bug with his Grandmother in the book, The Education of Little Tree, by Forest Carter. He didn't think it stank, but it smelled musky and different. He'd been taught that if you find something good you should share it. He shared it with his Grandmother. 

Let's jump the track now on that story and head off here. You wouldn't know this, but I'm scared of wasps. Unnaturally scared. I hear them buzz and jump out of my skin, or well, I used to. In a bizarre trick of nature a stink bug hurtling through space to collide with your head buzzes eerily like a wasp. No kidding. This means it was no laughing matter when a buzzillion, brown marmorated, stink bugs descended on the Carolinas. I jumped out of my skin so much that I became immune. Exposure to the sound has cured me. I'm not near as scared of wasps as before either. Today, everyone in the South Eastern United States can identify a lowly stinkbug. Stinkbugs have done very well making themselves at home here. 

When I was skulking around the internet, looking for pictures I found an article in the New Yorker. The New Yorker! Of all places, the piece is titled, When Twenty SixThousand Stinkbugs Invade Your Home. I read the article, by Kathryn Schultz, well... I didn't read all of it, not yet, but after reading some of it I have decided not to write about stinkbugs this morning after all. It's a glorious Carolina day. The sun is shining and life is calling for me to come out and celebrate this sunny day, and after so many rainy days I'm going to bail out on you and take the road I don't usually travel. This road suggests that you read Kathryn's article and let me take the other road that leads to playing hooky on a brilliant fall day. 

And for more about stinkbugs please read Appalachian Magazine's story. Why Stink Bugs Are taking over the Eastern United States and you shall know, perhaps, more than you wished to know about that lowly and destructive creature the common stink bug.