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When Zillow, Trulia, and ListHub's plans hit the airwaves this week I decided I had to take responsibility for my own syndication. I couldn't rely on ListHub. Now that it belongs to News Corp, they can decide not to send my data out - and I had no say so. I really hadn't thought about it before, ListHub syndicated my MLS data and other than turning on all of the feeds, I didn't think about it.

Prior to this week, I had no compelling reason to build another website, I optimize listings online, and pay Zillow, Trulia and to advertise for me. I was getting enough buyer leads and as long as my sellers get maximun web exposure on national platforms I didn't have a compelling reason to launch a site. Still my  (now forwarded to McCall's) was built on old technology and not very functional. It didn't allow embedding at all so I knew I needed to upgrade. I'd been exploring websites and it was down to three choices. iHouse won, they were first to answer my phone call, in person, and first to answer my question - Do you syndicate data to Zillow and Trulia? Can I embed html code. Yes and yes.

That leaves me changing my plans this week - I'm building out a new website - in my (chuckle) spare time. So, is there ever a good time to build a website? Nah, it's one of those things you just make time for. It wasn't in my plans, but looking at it online, it's beautiful, and I'm glad I did it. I've already had one person sign up and save a listing and that's with no advertising - so we'll see how it goes. For now, it's onward and upward.

We'll syndicate our own listings ListHub. Thanks for the push.

Here goes nothing!