Last night, Joey said, “I’ve been looking at your blog and it looks like you just quit.”

Guys, I’ve been busy. Busy with a capitol B kind of busy, and this happens in the business and taking care of customers comes before taking care of my blog. It’s about number eleven on the priority list. Really, it isn’t even on the priority list, but Joey suggests I make it so, and she’s right. I do post to Facebook, but I’m on Facebook daily checking in with my friends and family and I post things I find interesting. I run my Facebook Page, a business page, a page for Golden Valley and a page for the Rutherford Board of Realtors and I used to run the page for Camp McCall.

Joey gets to critique me, she was my Editor-in-Chief at the Fireside Writer’s Forum. We were a group who met weekly and read each other’s copy. All of us were working on different things. Angela wrote children’s stories, Lucinda dark novels and beautiful poetry, Donna mysteries, Linda romance with a twist, Joey and Mitch collaborated on a science fiction trilogy and Joey wrote everything from poetry to short stories to short-shorts and historical fiction. I wrote freelance articles, mostly historical pieces about Golden Valley and whatever assignment I was working on. Before I was a Realtor, I was a writer and while I see other agents posting lovely professionally written stories on their blogs I am a purist. I generate my own copy. Joey has written several lovely pieces for me, I rarely use them. I want to do it myself. I stubbornly want to do it myself. I can buy a seasonal piece for $20.00, but if my name is on it, I wrote it.

When I get busy, I get behind. I have a folder for the seasons of 2018, and I have copy in each of the seasons. It is my task this morning to skip Facebook and my morning planning and go straight to the blog and knock out those pieces that need to be completed.

Today I have The One Thing on my mind and that is the blog.

Thanks, Joey. I'm on it.

And to my audience, I confess. Six and a half diligent hours later I discovered that I can set the dates on the blog so I can back date posts - yea for me - and so dear reader, neither you nor Joey knows how much catching up I actually have had to do. And it was fun.