Tent Worms: Mae Tietje, my neighbor, told me to put some gloves on, grab them in a bunch and drown them. I had a tub of water ready by the well when I donned gloves and headed for the first tent- web ball. It was not too high in the apple tree, I reached in and.... Nothing could have prepared me for having both hands suddenly full of those little "caterpillars" I'd played with since childhood. The ball in my hands was about the size of a grapefruit, a moving fruit, a writhing, squirming, ball of crawling critters with little hairy sticky legs. I ran. Ewww. I ran to the water and dropped the main mass, then started pulling them off my arms, ew, ew, ew... They swam to the sides and climbed out. I have since left them alone. I have not wanted to do that again. Once was enough. For pictures and more please see: Auburn Universities Article