North Carolina Homesteading


Homesteading, also called micro-farming, has been getting a lot of hype in the past few years. Mid the insecurity of changing times, national threats and a wavering economy, there’s been a move toward low risk, low stress rural environments and self-sufficiency – homesteading is one answer. Also, given concerns about how food is grown and the food industry, homesteading is a way to provide healthy, chemical-free food for your family. Western North Carolina’s rural land, with its creeks, rich soil and ideal growing conditions, is perfect for homesteading.

All you need is a few acres and a dream – and knowledge about permaculture, rainwater, composting, growing fruit, wheat, herbs and vegetables, and raising livestock. Having skills in carpentry, smoking, drying, canning and storing food, natural health remedies, bee keeping, and hunting is also helpful.

Have I scared you off?  Come back – homesteading is hard work, but also rewarding. Everything you need to know to successfully work your own piece of heaven is a click away. There are countless resources available online and within most of the communities you move to. Homesteaders are wonderful community assets and folks welcome and support these adventurers. Many homesteaders provide local produce, cheeses, meat, eggs, and baked or canned goods. They demand very little from commercial resources, but give back enormously. Environmentally, homesteaders own their impact on the planet and pay attention to how decisions they make affect the natural world. Who doesn’t want environmentally conscious people as neighbors?

Golden Valley, North Carolina offers a 34+ acre property on the First Broad River with a creek, pond, and open acreage for farming. There’s a huge 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom modular with an open floor plan and a wood burning fireplace. There is established landscaping, a decorative fish pond and an in-ground swimming pool. Outbuildings include: children's playhouse, chicken-house, a tractor shed/ work shop and green house. This is a perfect place to homestead, to bring your horses, your ATV's and your enthusiasm.

Below are a few links to Homesteading information and Resources: